Google Drive on Linux

Support Coming Soon

6 years ago Google posted that Linux support for Google Drive was in the works and to hang tight while they worked on it.


This has been such a pain point to many users for Google Drive that one user even has a page on Github with a timer since the day of this post:

Lucky for us, there are many developers out there that have taken on the task of creating a client for Linux, since Google is taking a little longer than expected. Continue reading “Google Drive on Linux”

First steps on a newly installed server.

After launch a new server, that was not a full install of my own, I have found that the following steps help get it to a working state with a basic level of security. This is not all inclusive and it really just a baseline. This is specific to Ubuntu, but can be easily modified for any flavor of Linux.

With a service like Digital Ocean, AWS, or any similar service you will be given a basic install with only a root user. Continue reading “First steps on a newly installed server.”