Continuously Rerun or Repeatedly Running a Linux Command

Often when you are making changing to a system or some configuration and really don’t want to wait for the changes to show up there might be a need to repeatedly run the same command from a Linux terminal until you see the change is live. There are several ways that this can be done, some more complicated than others. Continue reading “Continuously Rerun or Repeatedly Running a Linux Command”

Google Drive on Linux

Support Coming Soon

6 years ago Google posted that Linux support for Google Drive was in the works and to hang tight while they worked on it.


This has been such a pain point to many users for Google Drive that one user even has a page on Github with a timer since the day of this post:

Lucky for us, there are many developers out there that have taken on the task of creating a client for Linux, since Google is taking a little longer than expected. Continue reading “Google Drive on Linux”